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As the re-election campaign for Sheriff Rochelle Bilal kicks into high gear, we must acknowledge the tough road ahead. Rochelle is not just facing opposition from her political rivals, but also from a multi-millionaire challenger who has the financial resources to buy the election and control mass media. But despite these challenges, Rochelle remains determined to win this election on her merit, experience, and her commitment to serving the people of Philadelphia. 

By supporting Rochelle Bilal for re-election, you are choosing a leader who is committed to serving the people, promoting transparency, accountability, and fairness. Your contribution will help us fight against the influence of big money and ensure that the people's voice is heard. We need your help to keep Sheriff Rochelle Bilal in office and continue to build a better Philadelphia for everyone. Please donate now and make a difference in this election.

We need your continued financial support - no matter what you're able to give.

Consider making your contribution a monthly recurring donation.

Checks can be made payable to:

Friends of Rochelle Bilal 

PO Box 14140

Phila PA 19138

Individual Contributions Max (Per Calendar Year) at $6,200

PAC Contributions Max (Per Calendar Year) at: $25,200

All Inquiries Can Be Sent To:

[email protected]

Paid For By Friends of Rochelle Bilal. Shirley Roberts, Treasurer

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